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Meet the Maker: 1850 Artisan Polish

Meet the Maker: 1850 Artisan Polish
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Let's get to know Nikki, the maker of 1850 Artisan Polish!

How did you choose your brand name?
My brand in based in Southern California, and many of my polish colors are inspired by aspects of SoCal life or nature. I name my brand after the year that California became a state...1850! One year after the start of the Gold Rush. 
What's your all time favorite polish/collection that you created? Non polish makers: your favorite product?
My favorite collection is definitely the 13th Doctor Collection. I am quite the Doctor Who fan, so I made a group of polish celebrating the first female iteration of the main character, The Doctor. However, my favorite polish overall is Groundbreaker, a gorgeous thermal that is so very sophisticated. I have worn it more than any other color I've made. 
What was the very first polish you made and sold? Non polish makers: your first product?

The very first polish that made it to the production phase was Hummingbird, a beautiful blue based metallic multichrome. Along with my purple thermal Dichotomy, Hummingbird is one of my most popular colors.  

 Is your business full time? If not, what’s your other job?
1850 is a full-time job, but it is all done during nights and weekends. During the daytime hours, I'm a 4th grade teacher. It isn't exactly my secret life, but my students definitely don't know about my nail polish super powers :) 
Besides nail polish/handmade, what are your others interests? 
I have two children and a husband at home, and their lives and hobbies are my main interests outside of teaching and 1850. I spend much of my free time at soccer, basketball, ballet, and orchestra events. I love classical music, so listening to my children play is a great joy for me. 
Do you have a dedicated space for creating?
I do, but it is a highly mobile situation! I build and tear down my mobile mixing and making station every time I work. We live in a small space in California, and every square inch has to be used efficiently for many uses. 
Do you feel like you have to strike a balance between what you personally like and what you think will sell? How do you walk that balance?
Yes, of course! Much of what I make is intended for my own eyes and what visions I have of beautiful colors. Sometimes those colors translate to my customers, and sometimes it turns out that they are mostly just for my own happiness. It is important to offer a palette of colors that people will love, but my own creativity is fueled by the freedom to create colors without set parameters. I always hope that what I see in my mind will translate to the polish and that I can express my intention for the color in words. At the end of the day, I have to love what I create or I won't have the heart to try to sell it. 
If you could design a polish for any celebrity, who would it be and why? What color/type of polish? Non polish makers: what kind of product?
I would create the perfect nude holographic for Heidi Klum. Our family loves watching America's Got Talent, and Heidi is so chic and fun! I've worked on it in the past, but I haven't yet perfected the exact shade of nude I envision. Perhaps I will send her a bottle if I ever get it just right. 
What theme would you like to see in The Pickup?
I love art that is inspired by nature, so any theme that would allow me to share my love of California's outdoors would be fantastic! 
What is your favorite item to shop for from the pickups?
I love scrubs and lotions! I have purchased almost every sugar scrub from Stella Chroma since she started offering them in PPU. I am a huge fan of Cuticula Confection, too, so I always keep a little jar in my bag and in my desk. I also love to order polish that is complex and completely different from anything I make. I really enjoy seeing a polish and not knowing exactly how it was is so fun to wear it and continue to be pushed to create unique colors of my own!  

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