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Meet the Maker: By Dany Vianna

Meet the Maker: By Dany Vianna
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Let's get to know Daniela, the maker behind By Dany Vianna!

How did you choose your brand name?
not much picking actually. I didn't have an idea for a cool name, and I rather 'sign' my name because is something I love 
What's your all time favorite polish/collection that you created? Non polish makers: your favorite product?
I love everything I make, otherwise it's never released, but I can safely say that my christmas collections always have a special place in my heart 
What was the very first polish you made and sold? Non polish makers: your first product?
It was named Tree Fall. I asked a friend to mule a few glitters for me and when they arrive there was a copper one so special that as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make a polish that was simply fall 
Is your business full time? If not, what’s your other job?
Not yet, my day job is a junior associate at a labor law firm

Besides nail polish/handmade, what are your others interests? 
I love music, movies, books, travelling, nature and my family 
Do you have a dedicated space for creating?
I use the same area, but it is not a strictly space just for me to mix and create. I share the space with my mom 
Do you feel like you have to strike a balance between what you personally like and what you think will sell? How do you walk that balance?
Honestly? No. I do know and acknowledge that not every color will be a best seller, specially the most exotic ones. But I don't usually take that into factor when I'm creating. I create around the theme and not the other way around. What I do try to do is incorporate different textures and finishes into most of my collections 
If you could design a polish for any celebrity, who would it be and why? What color/type of polish? Non polish makers: what kind of product?
I would love to create something for Kelly Clarkson. I love her, from a long time now. She always come as so sincere and authentic, and she always has different nails and nail arts on her nails. It would need to be very shiny, although not necessarily glitter and elegant and vibrant. Maybe inspired by one of her songs or a musical. 

What theme would you like to see in The Pickup?
Harry Potter! I know that it have been I think, and with some other themes sometimes always comes a HP polish amoung them. But it would something that I would love to do 
What is your favorite item to shop for from the pickups?
nail polish obvs! But I try to get something new to me, and something of care every month too  

Some of Daniela's contributions to Polish Pickup
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