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Meet the Maker: LynBDesigns

Meet the Maker: LynBDesigns
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Let's get to know Jennalyn of LynBDesigns!

How did you choose your brand name?
Back in high school I wanted to be a fashion designer, and LynBDesigns was going to be my brand. I didn’t pursue the fashion career (I can’t sew) so I used it for my indie brand.

What's your all time favorite polish/collection that you created? Non polish makers: your favorite product?
I’m really in love with the Polish I created for December PPU. I think it might even be favorite level status. I think my Cool Beans Collection from 2017 is my favorite complete collection.

What was the very first polish you made and sold? Non polish makers: your first product? 
I sold one offs for a few months before creating my first collection. Time and Relative Dimension in Space was one of the first polishes I ever made.

Is your business full time? If not, what’s your other job?
This started as a hobby, but once I started selling it became my full time job.

Besides nail polish/handmade, what are your others interests?
I’m really quite a boring person. I love YouTube, my cats, playing The Sims, and hanging out with my parents.

Do you have a dedicated space for creating? 

Do you feel like you have to strike a balance between what you personally like and what you think will sell? How do you walk that balance?
I really struggled during the glitter bomb era. As much as I love sparkle large glitters aren’t something I enjoy. I love holo, multichrome, shimmer, and flakies so those are easy to create and sell.

If you could design a polish for any celebrity, who would it be and why? What color/type of polish? Non polish makers: what kind of product?
I’d love to create a polish for Lady Gaga. I feel like she would really appreciate all an indie polish has to offer. I think I’d do a pastel multichrome in shades of blue.

What theme would you like to see in The Pickup?
We’ve done books, minerals, and video games. I’d love to see something wizardy.

What is your favorite item to shop for from the pickups?
Nail polish


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