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Meet the Maker: Pahlish

Meet the Maker: Pahlish
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Let's get to know Shannon of Pahlish

How did you choose your brand name?
It was a pun on my maiden name "Pahlas"

What's your all time favorite polish/collection that you created? Non polish makers: your favorite product?
I feel like I have a new favorite every time I make something new! Right now it's definitely The Bell Witch!

What was the very first polish you made and sold? Non polish makers: your first product? 
Train Underwater was the first official release, but I had been making polish for friends for around a year by the time we opened up shop!
Is your business full time? If not, what’s your other job?
My husband and I are both lucky enough to work for Pahlish full time =D

Besides nail polish/handmade, what are your others interests?
I love to be outside as much as possible, and we spend a lot of time with our bunny Magnolia

Do you have a dedicated space for creating?
We do have a dedicated workroom, but I'd say 90% of the time it's not fit to be seen =P

Do you feel like you have to strike a balance between what you personally like and what you think will sell? How do you walk that balance?
I don't think that it's a thing I even think about anymore. I used to worry about it a lot and then I realized that if I'm making something I love there will be someone else out there who loves it too! The best part about the indie market is that there are so many makers, I can create things I love and know that the people who love the same stuff will find there way to us and I don't have to worry about making polishes for every single person in the marketplace

If you could design a polish for any celebrity, who would it be and why? What color/type of polish? Non polish makers: what kind of product?
Right now I'd say Margo Price, I have a huge list of names inspired by her music that someday I might be brave enough to email to her and ask for her opinions!

What theme would you like to see in The Pickup?
Music, always music! And maybe anime as well!

What is your favorite item to shop for from the pickups?
Polish, I never have too many bottles and I spend a lot of time wearing things made by my favorite makers!


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