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Meet the Maker: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited

Meet the Maker: Pretty Beautiful Unlimited
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Let's get to know Virginia of Pretty Beautiful Unlimited!

How did you choose your brand name?
My husband actually came up with it. We were driving somewhere and discussing what I should name my brand and a song was playing by Danny Gokey called Pretty Beautiful and he said you should name it that. And it just kind of stuck. I added the Unlimited part after about a year because I knew I wanted to make more things then polish eventually.

What's your all time favorite polish/collection that you created? Non polish makers: your favorite product?
That's a toss up between my Zombies Can Be Princesses part 1 and 2, Multichrome Rewind or any of the Do You Believe collections.

What was the very first polish you made and sold? Non polish makers: your first product? 
I think that was Pumpkin Spice way back from 2015. A glitter bomb that went with my first ever collection with the snappy name of Fall Collection 2015. Lol

Is your business full time? If not, what’s your other job?
Yes, but still work a day job. I'm currently unemployed but hoping to get something soon. I've done everything from retail to AP to admin stuff.

Besides nail polish/handmade, what are your others interests?
I love crafts in general. My mom is the main reason, she worked at Michaels and House of Fabrics and always had some sort of craft project to try. I love silk floral arranging, resin, jewelry making and also love to cook and read.

Do you have a dedicated space for creating?
Yes and no. My nail room is so crammed and packed full of supplies that I spill over to my kitchen and am currently taking over a spare bedroom. Fingers crossed on landing a full time job so I can finish the transformation!

Do you feel like you have to strike a balance between what you personally like and what you think will sell? How do you walk that balance?
Sometimes, but most of the time I only make and launch the items I love. Even if it's a color i wouldn't normally wear, I have to love it to feel able to release it. Otherwise I feel like I'm not giving my business my all.

If you could design a polish for any celebrity, who would it be and why? What color/type of polish? Non polish makers: what kind of product?
Lucy! She has been my fav for as long as I could remember and I have watched all episodes multiple times and still crackup. I think for color I would do a red or blue creme with minimal elements to keep it classic. Maybe shimmer or sister UP.

What theme would you like to see in The Pickup?
Maybe something based off of birds or flowers.

What is your favorite item to shop for from the pickups?
Pretty much everything! I love supporting other makers so I always grab several bottle of polish, scented top coats are a must, wax melts, lotions and keychains.


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