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Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands A-C

Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands A-C
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Hey everyone! The Pickups will be trying something new for a few months. Polish Pickup has grown extensively since we first introduced the Blogger of the Month. It's becoming such a huge task for bloggers to swatch and review, so we are going to try going without a Botm. We understand that you all will still want an official blog post, so I will be gathering up all info and pics that I can, and will be sharing it here on the shops blog! For March, Phoebe Moon of Moon Shine Mani is our reviewer of the month, you can find her video reviews HERE. You will find still shots of the polishes from Phoebe, as well as swatches from many of the talented bloggers/swatchers that dedicate their time to helping makers that participate in PPU!

 *NOTE: If brands, pics, or info is missing, it wasn't available at the time this post was written*

1850 Artisan Polish - Lunar Eclipse
$13, No Cap
Inspired by Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, Lunar Eclipse is a black linear holo thermal inspired by the iconic Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon. Black with linear holographic and scattered holographic micro flakes, it transitions to clear that builds up to a silvery linear holo when warm.
Alter Ego Body Care Products - In A Godda Da Diva
$8.50, No Cap
Inspired by The Iron Butterfly hit song in the 70s, this is a duo shift from peach to green.
Anchor & Heart Lacquer - Numb/Encore
$12, No Cap
Inspired by Collision Course by Jay-Z and Linkin Park, this is 
a light taupe crelly with strong green/blue/purple aurora shimmer, teal/navy/violet UCC flakies, and gray and navy blue micro flakies.
AURORA - It's Britney B*tch
$12, Cap 75 US, 10 UK
Inspired by Britney Spears album Oops I Did it Again, All eyes are on this polish because it is a circus of UCC flakies, metallic flakies, gold flakies and color shifting flakies. Build it up and wear it on its own or put it over black and watch the colors pop!
Baby Girl Lacquer - I Care 4 U
A peachy crelly filled with metallic gold flakies, tangerine-to-clear thermal hex glitter, fire red holo glitter and reddish flakies.
Baroness X - Bow to the Paper Gods
$10.50, cap 85 US, 5 UK
Inspired by Duran Duran - Paper Gods, This purple (cool) to pink (warm) thermal polish is not a bright neon shade, nor a pastel, somewhere in between. With added blue to purple aurora shimmer, large particle holo pigment and pink to green shifting flakies.
Baroness X Acetone Antidote - Cherry Ice Cream Smile
$4.50, No cap US, 15 cap UK
This month's scent is "Cherry Ice Cream Smile", it's a creamy scent mix of cherry ice cream with a bit of pie crumble topping. There's NO fake medicine-like, pungent, cherry smell here...this smells just like actual cherry ice cream.

Bee's Knees Lacquer - Losing My Mind
$15, cap 300 US, 30 UK
Inspired by Falling Reverse-Losing My Mind, this is a green to purple multichrome magnetic with a larger particle size OG UP and OG UP ghost flakes. We recommend either layering it on its own in 3 coats or wearing over another color.
Beyond the Nail - Can't Stop
$11, Cap 100 US, 10 UK
Inspired by 
Miley Cyrus' Bangerz, this is an opaque bright neon pink holo shimmer polish with a hint of purple shimmer.
Blacklace Cosmetics - Now & Forever
$11.50, Cap 75 US, 8 UK
Inspired by 
Nightmare Revisited, this is a thermal cold state dark blackish purple with blue sparks. Warm dark indigo purple with spark. Very noticeable in bright light. 2 coats for opacity.
Bluebird Lacquer - Go Ask Alice
$11.50, No Cap
Inspired by Facelift by Alice in Chains, this is a n
eon pink crelly with blue to purple ucc flakies with a smattering of rainbow flakies and a dash of holo. This polish is opaque in two coats depending on application.
BLUSH Lacquers - Iris
$11.50, No Cap
Inspired by Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up the Girl, this is a plummy brown base with shifting pink-purple-blue-green flakes and holo flakes.
Bohemian Polish - Low Flying Jets
$12, no cap
Inspired by the cover for Mic City Sons by Heatmiser, this is a dark red to bold pink thermal packed with pink/gold UCC flakies. Opaque in three coats.
By Dany Vianna - Look At The Stars
$11, Cap 100 US
Inspired by Coldplay Yellow, this is a deep blue with gold shimmer, holographic flakies, gold micro flakies and gold ucc flakies. 
Cameo Colours Lacquers - Til We Both See the Light
$11, Cap 95 US, 5 UK
Inspired by Twenty One Pilots self-titled album, this is a medium grey crelly base with a variety of gorgeously shifty ultrachrome flakes and silver holo micro flakes.
CbL - Hello, Hello, Hello
$11, no cap
Inspired by Nirvana Nevermind, this is a bright pool blue crelly base with purple to aqua Aurora pigment and violet to blue to green iridescent flake.
Chirality - Young Dumb & Broke
$10, no cap
Inspired by American Teen album from Khalid, this is an oxford blue jelly with a sapphire blue shimmer, blue holo micro glitters, and gold holographic glitters. Opaque in 2 coats. For best results, start with a good base coat and finish with a shiny top coat to smooth out the glitters.
Colores de Carol - Superstar
$12.50, no cap
Inspired by Lady Gaga Born This Way, this is a 
silver holographic base with red shimmer, holographic shreds, iridescent flakes, holo red micro glitters and black shreds.
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish - Perfect
$10, cap 90 US, 10 UK
Inspired by Simple Plan "No Pads, No Helmets.. Just Balls" this is a white crelly with holo red, black, purple, & green flakes, and holo gold microflakes.
Crystal Knockout - Enchanted Nightbird
$12, no cap
Inspired by The Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks, this is a mauve to dusty rose pink thermal with linear holo, a glowing red aurora, and holographic micro flakies.
Cuter Cuticles - Cup of Ambition Barrier Butter and Cuticle Oil
$6, cap 130 US, 20 UK
Inspired by Dolly Parton, this month's offering smells like strong coffee with a dash of Kahlua. If you don't know what Kahlua smells like, the best way i can describe it is boozy chocolate.
Cuticula - Cherry Red Lips Timeless Top Coat/Static Base Coat
$8.50 each, no cap 
Inspired by Taylor Swift 'Red' album, Cherry Red Lips scented top/base coat in the irresistible combination of sweet cherries and champagne.


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