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Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands D-K

Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands D-K
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*NOTE: If brands, pics, or info is missing, it wasn't available at the time this post was written* 

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Dollish Polish - Strange Day
$13, no cap
Inspired by The Cure Pornography, this is a violet/mauve crelly loaded with red/gold Aurora shimmer, and filled with silver and red micro holo shreds and red/copper/orange UCC flakies.

Dreamland Lacquer - Tanner Than Tom Jones
$12, cap 180 US, 20 UK
Inspired by The Best of Tom Jones, this is a trithermal that goes from a corally pink when warm through coppery orange and ends in a warm brown when cold. It’s also filled with orange to green aurora pigment. ** Important Note ** The warm state of this polish tends to photograph very neon, even though it really isn't. It's a dustier corally pink. 2 coats in photos below.

ellagee - Funhouse
$12, no cap
Inspired by Pink Funhouse, this is a coral red to colorless thermal filled with gold flakes and a jaw-dropping hot pink to gold shimmer.

Emily de Molly - Hide the Sun
$11, no cap
Inspired by Taproot, Our Long Road Home, this is a beautiful teal green with silver holographic micro glitters and iridescent flakes that shift orange / gold / green.

Ethereal Lacquer - Superposition
$13, cap 330 US, 20 UK
Inspired by Young the Giant, this is a bright vivid cobalt blue jelly full of a red to green color shifting shimmer.

Ever After Polish - Under the Iron Sea
$11, no cap
Inspired by Keane Under The Iron Sea, this is a deep navy holo with blue shifting aurora shimmer and navy blue holo hex and micro flakes.

Fanchromatic Nails - Sweet Spanish Doll
$12, cap 75 US, 10 UK
Inspired by Poe's "Haunted" album, this is a soft peach crelly base, loaded with chameleon chrome flakies, iridescent flakies, and hints of blue/purple iridescent glitters.

Fancy Gloss - News of the World
$12, cap 90 US, 10 UK
Inspired by Queen's News of the World, this is a green (cold) teal in other lights to a sandy beige (warm) with some holo and red metallic flakes. This thermal also shows a lighter green and blue color when warm.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Drawing Down the Moon
$14, no cap
Inspired by the a 
lbum cover of same name by Beherit, this is a teal (warm) to black (cold) thermal with golden shine, copper chrome flakes, superfine golden flecks and holographic accent. The gold ingredients can lean the warm state slightly green, so it can look more seafoam-green; and the cold state navy.

Fiendish Fancies - Famous Blue Raincoat
$12, cap 100 US, 20 UK
Inspired by the songs of Leonard Cohen and the vocals of Jennifer Warnes, this is a deep blue with yellow, bronze and holo sparkle. 

Flirtin’ Cosmetics - Blinged Out Butterflies
$11, cap 75 US, 4 UK
Inspired by Mariah Carey’s Infinity Album, this is a deep purple glitter polish with blue, violet and purple flakies inspired by Mariah Carey’s Infinity album cover.

Geekish Glitter Lacquer - Crash Queens & Motor Babies
$11, cap 75 US, 5 UK
Inspired by My Chemical Romance's Danger Days album, this is a turquoise crelly with gold micro flakies and pink-purple-gold UCC flakies.

Girly Bits - Say Hello 2 Heaven
$13, Cap 300 total
Inspired by Temple of the Dog, Say Hello 2 Heaven is vibrant purple base, with purple and blue shimmer, gold flakes, and color shifting flakes in purple/blue.

Grace-full Nail Polish - Midnight Lotus
$11.50, cap 140 US, 15 UK
Inspired by Prince’s album lotusflow3r, this is a vibrant purple with aurora shimmer, flashes of blue and ultra chrome chameleon flakes in pink, gold, blue and violet.

Great Lakes Lacquer - Billions Of Beautiful Hearts
$13, no cap
Inspired by Pink's Beautiful Trauma album, this is a glowing pink linear holographic filled with magenta to orange to gold shifting aurora shimmer.

Heather's Hues - Take These Chances
$15, cap 160 US, 15 UK
Inspired by The Dave Matthews Band album, "Under the Table and Dreaming" this is a tri-thermal shifting from purple when cold to blue in transition to pink when warm. It's filled with OG unicorn pee pigment, pink-blue-violet iridescent flakes, violet-pink-gold multichrome flakes, and rose-gold metallic microflakes.

It Girl Nail Art - 
LE109 Mini Stamping Plate
$6, cap 150 US, 10 UK
Exquisitely designed and produced in the USA from the highest quality steel and using the most accurate machining processes, this limited-edition mini stamping plate, LE109 offers a gallery of individual elements inspired by the thrilling experience of a live rock concert. This MINI plate is 6cm long by 4cm wide, approximately 2.4 x 1.6 inches. The plate will come with a coupon for a FREE *mystery* mini plate with minimum purchase of $15 from It Girl Nail Art while supplies last.

Jior Couture - WTF
$12.50, no cap
Inspired by Missy Elliot -WTF (Where They From) feat. Pharrell Williams, this is a violet to bright pink thermal. 

Jreine - 
$15, no cap
Inspired by Skrillex, this is a bright neon green to neon lime thermal loaded with OGUP, aurora, green/teal/blue and red/green/gold shifting flakes.

KBShimmer - The Kid
$10, no cap
Inspired by the character Prince played in the movie, The Kid, and the album cover for Purple Rain, The Kid is a tri-thermal polish made to match the moody feel of the cover. When cold, a deepened eggplant shade is accented by micro flakes that shift from purple to copper and gold. When this shade starts to warm, a grape-leaning purple transitions into a violet-leaning fuchsia. This is best in 2 coats with a glossy top coat.



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