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Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands L-Pe

Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands L-Pe
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*NOTE: If brands, pics, or info is missing, it wasn't available at the time this post was written*

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le polish - 
Songs Are Like Tattoos
$12.50, cap 150 US, 15 UK
Inspired by Joni Mitchell's Blue album, this is a shifty blue jelly with various color shifting flakes.
Leesha’s Lacquer - WHATEVER
$12, cap 100 US, 20 UK
Inspired by Adore Delano's Album, Whatever, this is a  black based aurora filled polish that shifts from red/orange to gold/yellow with a helping of color flakies.

Lemming Lacquer - Lungs
$13, cap 225 US, 25 UK
Inspired by the album Lungs from Florence + the Machine, this is a turquoise jelly with red/orange shimmer and iridescent flakes shifting purple, blue, green, pink, and gold.
LevelUp Lacquer - Darkstorm Galaxy
$10.50, cap 200 US, 25 UK
Inspired by Gloryhammer Album, Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards, this is a purple Jelly packed with UCC Green/purple flakes and mixed purple glitter. Layer over dark colors or itself in multiple layers for depth.

Lilly Anne's Garden - Living Dead Girl
$5.50, no cap
Inspired by Rob Zombie's American Made Music to Strip By, this is sweet mixed fruity type with top notes of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple, middle notes of gardenia and pear, with a sugary vanilla base note.

Lilypad Lacquer - It's Not Me, It's You
$15.50, no cap
Inspired by Lily Allen, this is a b
aby pink creme with geometric scattered holo pigment with pink flakies and pink sheen.
Lollipop Posse Lacquer - Among a Million Same
$13, no cap
Inspired by A Perfect Circle's "3 Libras" single cover, this is a blurple crelly base filled with red/green/gold shifting Aurora shimmer, copper/red/green/gold iridescent flakes, and pink/red/green iridescent flakes.

Lucky 13 Lacquer - 
Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!
$14, cap 135 US, 5 UK
Inspired by Panic! at the Disco – Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! album, this is a rich copper-y red/olive/emerald multichrome with bright blue/teal magnetic pigment. Magnet not included. For best results, apply a coat of polish to your nails and hold near magnet for 10 seconds. Apply a second coat and hold near magnet for as long as you can! The longer you hold the magnet in place, the sharper the magnetic effect will be. You can also apply and magnetize 1 coat over a pure black polish for a similar effect while conserving this precious magnetic polish. If you don’t want to use a magnet, this polish is still a beautiful slightly muted copper-y red/olive/emerald multichrome!

LynBDesigns - How A-Musing
$12, cap 200 US, 25 UK
Inspired by Muse Simulation Theory Cover, this is a white base with micro holo flakies, blue to purple to pink to red shifting shimmer, and two different UCC flakies. One shifts from indigo to blue to purple to pink to orange at extreme angles and one shifts from purple to blue to pink to gold.

Moon Shine Mani - Uncover You
$12, no cap
Inspired by the artwork for the ep Uncover You from Fairlane's upcoming album Lowly Palace this is a soft mauve filled with vibrant purple to blue and violet to red to orange chameleon flakies and glowing pink to gold to green aurora shimmer.

Moonflower Polish - You're All I Need
$12.50, cap 70 US, 5 UK
Inspired by Collective Soul's Dosage album art, this is an Indigo creme base with red-gold multichrome shimmer and scattered holo. Designed primarily as a stamping polish, use over black for the most intense sparkly and shifty effect, or over lighter colors for a pretty shimmery periwinkle. Can also be worn as regular polish in 1-2 coats. Dries semi-matte, finish with topcoat for shine.

Ms. Sparkle - How Does it Feel?
$11, no cap
Inspired by New Order-Power, Corruption & Lies, this is a black crelly polish, with holo sparkles, aurora pigments, glass flakies and ucc flakies.

MTK Design - 
Nights are Forever in Corduroy
$12.50, cap 90 US, 10 UK
Inspired by England Dan & John Foley - Nights are Forever album cover, this is a classic 70's burnt bronzy rust when cool, but warms to bright sea-foam green thermal saturated with bold Disco-style linear holo for that uber 70's glitz and finished off with a strong copper/gold shimmer for that warm squishy nostalgic sepia vibe. 

Music City Beauty - Time After Time
$11.50, cap 90 US, 10 UK
Inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual, this is a blue crelly with red shimmer and copper to fuchsia to gold UCC flakies.

My Stunning Nails - Deep Purple
$9.95, cap 68 US, 7 UK
Inspired by Prince Purple Rain, this is a dark purple jelly with lighter purple and orange flakies and holo.

My Indie Polish - Man In Black
$12.50, no cap
Inspired by Johnny Cash American IV, this is black crelly opaque in 2-3 coats with silver flake and a good dose of holographic.

Nail Hoot - Pieces of You
$9.50, no cap US, 100 UK
Inspired by Jewel's Pieces of You album, this is a carribean blue polish filled to the brim with iridescent color changing flakies and purple sparkle.

Nailed It - Don't Stop Believing
$12.75, cap 100
Inspired by Journey, this is a blurple base with a red to gold shifting shimmer, blue/purple/green UCC flakies, crystal chameleon flakies, and a scattered holo sparkle.

Native War Paints - 
Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom
$13, no cap
Inspired by No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom, this is a deep dark blue jelly with red/green aurora pigment.

Necessary Evil Polish

NeVerMind Polish - You Don't See Me
$12, cap 200 US, 20 UK
Inspired by Mer de Noms album by A Perfect Circle, this is a marmalade orange with orange/yellow/red aurora pigment and red/orange/gold multichrome flakes.

Night Owl Lacquer - No Scars to Your Beautiful
$11, no cap
Inspired by Alessia Cara's album Know-It-All, specifically the song Scars to Your Beautiful, this is a greyed teal crelly with lots of red/gold ultra chrome chameleon flakes.

Noodles Nail Polish - My Favorite Color is You
$12, cap 125 US, 5 UK
Inspired by AJR album "The Click" this is a blackened indigo crelly (leans charcoal) with violet gold shifting shimmer, rainbow color shifting flakies, bronze flakies, copper, aqua, and lavender glitters, and violet/green/gold color shifting flakes.

Pahlish - Float On
$12.50, cap 85 US, 15 UK
Inspired by Modest Mouse's "Good News for People Who Love Bad News" this is a light and airy mint mixed holographic with a rich core of rose/copper/green shifting multichrome shimmer.

Paint it Pretty Polish - My Fire, One Desire
$12, cap 70 US, 5 UK
Inspired by Backstreet Boys, this is a white crelly base with blue shimmer, blue microglitters, silver holo microglitters and tiny black square glitter.

Painted Polish - Harps in the Haze
$12.50, cap 400 US, 15 UK
Inspired by Joanna Newsom - ‘Divers’ Album Cover, this is a sage crelly base with blue, green, gold, copper, and bronze color-shifting flakies.

Pampered Polishes - Feeling This
$12, cap 150 US, 25 UK
Inspired by Blink 182, this is a white crelly base with baby blue and cotton candy pink microglitter; blue, pink, and black glitter in various shapes and sizes.

Peachtree Polish - Lucky Strike
$10.50, cap 75 US
Inspired by the album cover of Overexposed by Maroon 5, this is a purple jelly packed with micro holographic glitters and UCC purple, blue, teal, and green flakes.

Pepper Pot Polish - She Shines In A World Full Of Ugliness
$11, cap 80 US
Inspired by Nine Inch Nails, this is a a blackened red polish with a mix of holo red glitter, orange to gold shifting flakes, red aurora and mauve/red/orange color shift pigment.


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