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Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands Pi-Z

Polish Pickup March 2019: Album Covers, Brands Pi-Z
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*NOTE: If brands, pics, or info is missing, it wasn't available at the time this post was written*

Check out our YouTuber of the month, Phoebe Moon HERE.

PI Colors - Snow Cherries From France.101
$12, cap 75 US, 5 UK
Inspired by the album cover Tori Amos: Tales of a Librarian, this is a muted, delicate purple gray with shimmering pink and blue shimmer, topped with a smattering of holographic glitter.

Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish - Sing Em Good
$13, no cap
Inspired by
Kenny Chesney Album "Welcome to the Fishbowl", this is a  cerulean/teal blue base with red-green aurora shimmer, Red-Orange-Gold UCC pigment, and scattered holo.
Pretty Beautiful Unlimited - All I Wanna Do
$13, cap 110 US, 16 UK
Inspired by Christina Aguilera’s album Lotus, this is a pink tinted jelly base with silver holographic pigment and micro flakies, loaded with sister UP that shifts red to gold, a mix of crystal chameleon flakies, and topped with UCC flakies that shift red/copper/orange/gold.

Pretty Jelly - 1989
$12.50, no cap
Inspired by
Taylor Swift - 1989, this is a pale nude crelly with lavender hexes, lavender holo micro glitter, red-to-gold ucc flakies, and copper-to-green aurora pigment.

Rogue Lacquer - On the Border
$12.50, cap 300 US
Inspired by the Eagles album on the border, this is a creamy antique white packed with copper, gold, blue and green UCC flakies. 3 coats.

Sassy Cats Lacquer - Gangsta
$13, cap 70 US, 5 UK
Inspired by Kehlani gangsta (suicide squad) album cover, this is a purple jelly leans pinkish. Aurora shift: red, gold to green. Flakie: Two diff Crystal shifting glowing ghost flakes shift in red, orange, green, to yellow. And also blue, green to purple.

Sassy Pants Polish - 
Heartbeat Next to Mine
$12, no cap
Inspired by Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” Album, this is a medium blush pink crelly loaded full of assorted neon pink, yellow, orange and black glitters.

Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Sadistic Dance
$14, cap 120 US, 5 UK
Inspired by HANGRY & ANGRY-f 'Sadistic Dance', this is a medium grey with a blue to pinky-purple duo shift and scattered holo.
Scofflaw Varnish - The Spiders From Mars
$12.50, no cap
Inspired by David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, this is a grey jelly base, filled with stormy blue flecks and flakes and flashing green highlights. It's then filled with glitters of holographic black, electric blue, chartreuse, dark green, and shifting blue green-shreds.

Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer - It Was Her All Along
$13, cap 65 US
Inspired by Liz Phair's Girly-Sound to Guyville, this is a 

muted purple base with multichrome pigment that shifts red, purple, pink, orange and gold. 2-3 coats recommended for opacity. Can be worn over various colors for different look.
Soothing Soul Nail Lacquer - 
Men @ Twerk
$12, cap 70 US, 10 UK
Inspired by Best of the Village People, this is a bright blue/green base with matte glitters and scattered turquoise holo.

Starlight Polish - Voices
$12, cap 200 US, 10 UK
Inspired by 
Macross Plus soundtrack, this is a pale blue crelly base with shimmer and translucent small flakes in blue and white, opaque blue micro flakes, and small dark grey flakes that have a slight purple flash.

Static Lacquer - On Letting Go
$12, cap 100 US, 10 UK
Inspired by On Letting Go by Circa Survive, this is a stormy blue with teal shimmer, holographic flakes and magenta to green ultra chameleon chrome flakes. 

$5.50, no cap
Inspired by Cool Amber and Mercury from Kasvot Växt í rokk, this is described as a sultry, warm scent with top notes of citrus and Amber. Middle notes of vanilla and a slight musk finish.

STELLA CHROMA - Turtle in the Clouds
$12, no cap
Inspired by Phish’s Halloween prank album, this is a matte sky blue polish packed with multicolored iridescent flakies and pink/gold/yellow shifting shimmer.

Supermoon Lacquer - Love Yourself
$13, cap 90 US, 5 UK
Inspired by the holographic, color-shifting covers of BTS's 'Love Yourself: Answer' albums - the final set in their 'Love Yourself' trilogy, this is a white holographic base filled with cyan/blue/purple and blue/purple/magenta multichrome pigment, purple-to-red color shifting aurora pigment, green-to-pink, blue-to-purple, and violet-to-red color shifting shimmer, silver shimmer, white sparks, iridescent blue/purple microglitter, holographic silver microglitter, rainbow pearl microflakies, and holographic silver microflakies. Opaque in 2-3 coats.Supernatural Lacquer - Memento Mori
$12, cap 285 US, 15 UK
Inspired by Gemini Syndrome album Memento Mori, this is a delicate taupe base with dark blue to purple ghost flakes, copper/pink/green colorshift flake, orange to green chameleon micro flakes and dark blue to purple aurora shimmer.

Sweet Heart Polish - Party Don't Stop
$10, cap 75 US
Inspired by Kesha (Ke$ha) and named after her 1st single, Tik Tok, this is a deep gray brown shimmer that shifts from a light pink through a bronze and into chartreuse with aqua glass flecks, and gold holo micro glitter.

The Lady Varnishes - That's a Killer Album
$12.50, cap 95 US, 10 UK
Inspired by The Killers Hot Fuss, this is a deep periwinkle blue base with orange to green shimmer, flakes and different sized glitters plus holo purple glitters.

Top Shelf Lacquer - The Ten Club
$13, cap 400 US
Inspired by Pearl Jam Ten, this is a super sparkly and fun, Coral crelly filled with aurora pigment that shifts from magenta to orange, and aurora flakes in multiple colors that pop in greens, pinks, purples and oranges.

Turtle Tootsie Polishes - If I Could Turn Back Time
$11, cap 200 US
Inspired by Cher's Greatest Hits, this is a lilac holo jelly polish loaded with holo micro glitter and iridescent flakies.

Vibrant Vinyls - Mmmbop Scented Top Coat
$7, no cap
Inspired by Hanson's Middle of Nowhere, this is deliciously tart apple scented.

Wildflower Lacquer - Twisted Fool
$12.50, cap 120 US, 15 UK
Inspired by
Glass Animals - Zaba Album, this is a dark purple jelly with crystal flakies that shift from aqua to green, scattered rainbow flakies, and a gold to blue shifting shimmer.

Zombie Claw Polish - Jekyll & Hyde
$13, cap 75 US
Inspired by Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six, this is a crimson red base with gold shimmer, red-bronze-copper flakes, copper-green-gold flakes, red & silver micro shreds and cosmic holo.


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