Code of Conduct Committee Decision

Now that the February shop has closed, there is some unpleasant business that we must address. We received a report regarding Dollish Polish and their response to an incident outside of PPU. The community felt that the brands responses to these concerns were severly lacking in empathy and perspective, and these concerns were submitted via the Report email. The Committee met, discussed, and gave a lot of thought to this issue. The Committee recommended a suspension of no less than six months plus proof of completion in a Diversity and Inclusivity course at the brands expense. PPU will not consider Dollish Polish, or any associated brand, until those two conditions are met. While we know this decision may not be everyone's ideal conclusion, we do believe that with education people who truly wish to learn and grow will take the opportunity to do so when given the chance. Those who choose not to strive for improvement will be permanently banned from Polish Pickup. There is no place here for closed minds.

We know this effects not only PPU, but also the family of brands who participate each month, the bloggers and swatchers who spend their hours working behind the scenes, and the customers and fans who make our community what it is. Please know that we are not making these decisions lightly and that we are doing our very best to navigate these issues when they are brought to us. Please be kind to our Committee members. They are in unknown territory and are doing their very best to make sure that the community's concerns are taken seriously.