Swatcher Spotlight: Josephine / Polish Talk

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What do you use to take your photos with?
I use an IPhone 11.
Has swatching changed your relationship with nail polish? How?
I get to try so many new polish which I love, but I don’t get to wear a lot of my own polishes.
How much time do you spend each week swatching, taking photos, etc?
Anywhere from 15 to 20 hours a week for swatching and editing videos. Could be more, I’ve never tracked it seriously.
If you could only wear one polish finish what would it be?
Cream, a good cream is the best!!
Who’s a swatcher you watch/admire and why?
Vee from Your Girl Vee. She makes me want everything!! Her nails are so pretty too.
Given all the swatching, how often do you get to actually wear polish for yourself?
Maybe a few times a month.