Swatcher Spotlight: Abson / alittlebitdramatic

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What's the most exciting thing about swatching for you? (i.e. why do you do it?)
It's beautiful and relaxes me
If you could give advice to newbies it would be _______________?
Use moisturizing
What was the first brand that you worked with?
Esmaltes da Kelly
How do you keep your shots so uniformed? (Same hand positions, bottle shots, etc.)
I have three specific poses that i always shoot and do a few more if the polish effect requires
What do you use to take your photos with?
My cellphone with a macro lens
Tips for lighting?
I prefer natural light
Has swatching changed your relationship with nail polish? How?
Not much, but when I'm swatching besides something I'm doing for pleasure it's also a commitment, so it turns out to be different from just using why its pretty
Favorite collection you've swatched? Or favorite PPU polish you've swatched?
The collection Sereias from Esmaltes da Kelly
Favorite finish to photograph? Least favorite finish?
Favorite: multichromes/aurora/up. Least favorite: I don't know...
What is your favorite brand to work with and why?
Esmaltes da kelly, she's so creative and kind
How much time do you spend each week swatching, taking photos, etc?
Depends on how many polishes I need to shoot
If you could only wear one polish finish what would it be?
Multichrome/iridescent shimmer
Given all the swatching, how often do you get to actually wear polish for yourself?
Once a week
How do you store your polishes?
Majority in my closet and some in the fridge