Swatcher Spotlight: Jeremy / nonbinarynails

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If you could give advice to newbies it would be _______________?
Brands look more at the quality of your work rather than the number of followers.
What do you use to take your photos with?
My iPhone 12 Pro Max and a macro lens from Amazon.
Tips for lighting?
Outdoor for holo, indirect for shifty shimmer/flakes, and daylight bulbs for all else.
Favorite finish to photograph? Least favorite finish?
Favorite: holo. Least favorite: jelly finishes.
What is your favorite brand to work with and why?
Wildflower. Taylor is AWESOME.
How much time do you spend each week swatching, taking photos, etc?
Depends. 2-4 hours if I don’t have a collection, 4-8 if there’s a big collection.
If you could only wear one polish finish what would it be?
What are your favorite nail/hand care products/routines?
Palmer’s coconut oil lotion and Glisten and Glow cuticle oil.
Who’s a swatcher you watch/admire and why?
@your.girl.vee and @myshinyclaws. They’ve both been overwhelmingly kind and helpful to me.
Given all the swatching, how often do you get to actually wear polish for yourself?
Maybe 2-3 times a month.
How do you store your polishes?
Haphazardly and messily