Swatcher Spotlight: Katie / katie.napalm

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What's the most exciting thing about swatching for you? (i.e. why do you do it?)
I think the most exciting part about swatching for me is trying new things. New poses, new equipment, etc. I always strive for self improvement.
If you could give advice to newbies it would be _______________?
Don't focus so much on the stats. Put your heart into it and do it because you love it and it brings you joy; not to get a certain amount of likes/followers.
What was the first brand that you worked with?
Necessary Evil (who is now Paradox Polish).
Has swatching changed your relationship with nail polish? How?
Swatching has made me appreciate my purchased collection and mani's I do for myself much more.
Favorite finish to photograph? Least favorite finish?
Contrasting shimmers are my favorite finish to photograph; thermals are my least favorite.
What are your favorite nail/hand care products/routines?
My favorite products are Anchor & Heart's Vitamin Sea (cuticle oil) and Coastal Custard (hand/body cream). They do really wonderful things for my skin and I can tell when I've been neglecting to use them.