Swatcher Spotlight: Lakesha / MissThompson

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What was the first brand that you worked with?
Bluebird Lacquer
How do you keep your shots so uniformed? (Same hand positions, bottle shots, etc.)
I try to use same lighting setup, certain shaped bottles show off polish better, so I have a way of holding them and angling camera at the same time.
Tips for lighting?
If it’s a glitter/holo type polish I like to use overhead lighting. if it’s a cream or nude polish with no components I like to light from the front and not overhead so I don’t get the reflection of the lights on my nails
If you could only wear one polish finish what would it be?
Shame on y’all for asking this horrible question lol
Who’s a swatcher you watch/admire and why?
I admire yourgirlvee because her swatches always seem perfect! The nail art she does is immaculate. Very inspiring!
How many bottles of nail polish do you own? How many do you actually use?
I currently have around 2000 bottles and I use maybe 2-3 per week. Sometimes I use the same ones over and over. I have around 200 or so untrieds
How do you store your polishes?
My dad made me some new wall shelves. I have a whole YT video showing the process