Swatcher Spotlight: Nicole / Nicole Loves Nails

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What's the most exciting thing about swatching for you? (i.e. why do you do it?)
I love seeing all of the different color combinations and components that indie makers use! Plus swatching really gets me out of my comfort zone by talking with everyone
If you could give advice to newbies it would be _______________?
Support brands, even when you can't afford to purchase items. You don't need a fancy camera or complex lighting to get nice photos!
What was the first brand that you worked with?
Heather's Hues! Heather reached out to me when I first started my blog and that's what kickstarted everything for me!
What do you use to take your photos with?
I use a Lumix FZ80 for all of my photos. I have a total of 7 lights that I use for photos that I switch around depending on the type of polish. I like daylight bulbs. I also have a Lightbox that I take out for flakies and some shimmers.
Tips for lighting?
You can never have too many lights but not all polishes do well under a ton of lighting. I literally turn on and off lights depending on the polish. Oh and holo does not like lightboxes.
Has swatching changed your relationship with nail polish? How?
Yes! I have noticed that since I started swatching polishes for brands (June 2020), that I have less time to wear anything. If I get to wear a polish for more than 24 hours, that's rare. I have also found that I don't do nail art nearly as often now.
Favorite collection you've swatched? Or favorite PPU polish you've swatched?
This one is hard! My favorite PPU polish that I have swatched would have to be Scorpius by Heather's Hues. I have a backup of that one! Out of all of the collections that I've swatched the KB Shimmer Love At Frost Sight (both parts) stand out the most to me.
Favorite finish to photograph? Least favorite finish?
I LOVE photographing shifty shimmers and multichromes! Things like glitters are fun because I really like seeing each separate component in photos. Neons are the biggest headache to photograph but I love them anyway.
How much time do you spend each week swatching, taking photos, etc?
Like 5-8 hours daily during the week? I try to limit time spent on weekends.
Who’s a swatcher you watch/admire and why?
Ashley from Southern Swatches has been a HUGE influence on me! QueenOfNails83 was a big influence as well!
How many bottles of nail polish do you own? How many do you actually use?
A little over 1200 bottles. Not including backups haha
How do you store your polishes?
I have 5 helmers