Acronyms of the Indieverse

Ever wondered what that word salad means? Check out this community driven glossary of commonly used acronyms! If you have anything to add, let me know!

  • BNNU: brand new, never used. 
  • DISO: desperately in search of
  • HTF: hard to find
  • ISO: in search of
  • OGUP: the common name for the Original Gangster Unicorn Pigment. That gorgeous red to green shimmer found in Clarins 230 and many indies. The actual particles are spherical in shape and very delicate. This pigment is relatively rare, but it does have siblings and cousins that are more common.
  • QDTC: quick dry top coat
  • TC: top coat
  • UBS: ugly bottle syndrome: A condition where pigments (often white pigment) sticks to the sides of the bottle. Generally doesn’t effect the appearance on the nail.
  • UP: unicorn pee
  • VHTF: very hard to find
  • VNL: visible nail line