Ask the Artist: Favorite Themes

Ask the Artist: Favorite Themes

October 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered if you and your favorite brand have the same love and adoration for a theme? We know we have. It is always interesting to know which themes were the most beloved; by fans and by artists.

What theme was your most inspiring? Why did you like it and did you have multiple ideas?

We polled our family of brands for their very favorite theme, and here are their responses! 


I love anything haunted or history related. More than once my ppu idea had spawned an entire collection. My September 23 polish (Never Gives Up Her Dead) is inspiring my January collection.

By Dany Vianna

I had the most fun with weird Science, I think, trying to figure how to turn a project into a polish, and weirdly enough just the one idea and one prototype which was Carbonation.


Monarch Lacquer

Candy!! Cosmic Confection under Fair was years ago when we were still using the square bottles. I am sure I had multiple options because I do [for] most months. Overthinking is a specialty of mine.

Leesha's Lacquer

I think my favorite theme was April's Flower theme as I was able to represent my Ojibwe culture in a huge way! Florals are everything that my beadwork designs are about and I even have an artist fellowship with the Bell Museums of Minnesota studying native flora from MN! Waabigwan is what the polishes name was and it was this gorgeous blue crelly with different color glitters, inspired by ojibwe floral designs. Waabigwan means flower in Ojibwe! Anytime I can share a little more about myself and my culture is a win for me!

Sassy Sauce Polish

Makers choice, It lets the creativity flow!!! I did make about 9 different colors before I chose the ONE!!

Northern Star

The April 2021 ‘90s theme. I had a fun time narrowing down my inspiration because there’s so many fun & nostalgic things from that time. I ended up choosing the tv show Twin Peaks, which I was hugely into, and created a fun polish and cuticle oil sampler based on characters and vibe.

The Crafty Taco

My favorites are anything spooky, so basically every September is my favorite. I am a big Halloweeny, and this time of year really inspires me. And I do definitely have a ton of ideas! I am always last-minute deciding! 

Isn't it interesting to see all the reasoning behind why they love a certain theme? We really do love giving you a peek behind the curtain into their magical minds. Stay tuned for next time, and if you have a burning question you'd love to ask you can fill out this form!