Behind the Scenes Pictures of PPUHQ

Behind the Scenes Pictures of PPUHQ

August 21, 2020
It has been a long three (and then some) years since the start of PPU, and things have changed a whole lot!

When PPU started out, it was just two highly caffeinated women with a dream...and one tiny room! And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. The original HQ was about 7ft x 7ft. Can you imagine trying to plan, organize, package, and ship things in a small bedroom?
Here is where it all started:

And here we are now:

The new space is about 2500sqft, and has plenty of space to stay organized and still grow. The ladies at HQ have grown from just the two that we know and love to a whole team of folks working each month to send out our orders on time! No more "conscripted" family and friends.

The best part of this new palatial space is that we will be seeing the continued expansion of the Essentials Shop! If you have never popped over to the shop during the PPU downtime, you may have missed the Essentials Shop. This shop is a collection of basic supplies that we all need from all of our favorite affordable mainstream gear. 

Maybe soon we will be able to shop in person!