Changes to Shipping Policies for Canada

Changes to Shipping Policies for Canada

March 3, 2020

Effective Friday, March 6th, PPU will be increasing shipping rates to Canada. While we hate to resort to this as we have always prided ourselves on low cost US and CAN shipping, the recent postage increase severely impacted the cost to ship to Canada.

In February we hit a point where we became upside down to support Canadian flat rate shipping. While we continue to search for cost effective ways to offer our Canadian customers, we will be using a weight based scaled system, detailed here in the image below.

The shop listings have weights listed if you want to pre-plan your purchases based on shipping charges. Polish weights are always 2.1 oz.

We will continue to combine multiple orders and refund the difference based on total order weight.

For example: up to 5 bottles for the $6 price, 6-7 bottles for $8 or 8-15 bottles for $12.

Please join us in The Pack to take part in the discussion. We are doing our very best to remain transparent in all things, and will continue to strive for the most afforable and economical options for our customers.