February 2022 | Reflective Glitter Shopping List

February 2022 | Reflective Glitter Shopping List

February 2, 2022

The shop event is just a few days away, and I am so excited. The newest trend in indie polish seems to be reflective glitters...and I am here for it. It is like wearing fairy lights on your fingers! This month we have a healthy sampling of shades featuring this cool new glitter, and I have gathered the links in one spot for your shopping pleasure! 

Pro tip: Reflective glitters tend to have more texture than regular glitters. Be sure to layer on plush topcoats for that glass-like finish. We have an array of top & base coats this month!


BKL | Jawsome

Inspired by The Street Sharks animated series, this is a blue to purple pastel multichrome base with gold reflective glitter.



Colores de Carol | You See What I Want You to See

Inspired by the X Files, a black, silver and red reflective glitter and holo micro flakes.

DRK Nails | DIY Artisan Nail Lab

Inspired by In Living Color, this DIY will give you all the best ingredients to create gorgeous polishes and toppers.

Heather's Hues | Happy Happy, Joy Joy 

Inspired by The Ren & Stimpy Show, this a thermal polish that's purple when cold and blue when warm. It's filled with a bright pink shimmer that shifts to orange-gold, as well as silver reflective glitters.


Indie by Patty Lopes | The Blazer

Inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air , this shade has red and teal micro metallic flakies, aurora shimmer and silver reflective glitter.


KBShimmer | The Chosen One

Inspired by Buffy, this shade has a deep base boasts a color shift from a bold blue to a nearly blackened purple hue with silver reflective glitters.


Leesha's Lacquer | Bill! Bill! Bill!

Inspired by Bill Nye the Science Guy, this is a A blue reflective glitter polish with black/red/gold/green flakies


NeVerMind Apothecary | Explaining it All

Inspired by Clarissa Explains it All, this is a deep royal blue with a color shift of red, orange, yellow, and green with reflective glitter.

 Penelope Luz | Stargate

Inspired by Stargate SG1 Tv series, this has a blue base with micro flakes, iridescent pink/Gold and silver reflective glitter


Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish | Midnight Society

Inspired by Are You Afraid of the Dark? This is a black to red multichrome loaded with red-orange-gold-green iridescent color shifting flakies, and a hint of silver reflective glitter.

Polish Molish | All's Well that's Capwell

Inspired by Santa Barbara soap opera, this has a bright blue shimmer with purple shift and silver reflective glitter.

Psyche Minerals | Dun Dun

Inspired by Law & Order: SVU, this a black to ghostly gray thermal packed with reflective silver glitters.