How to Use Acetone Additives

How to Use Acetone Additives

April 30, 2020

Most of us know that the quickest way to remove your nail polish is with acetone. It eats through your nail polish (and some plastics!) quickly, and is pretty affordable and readily available to most of us. The one drawback is how horrifically drying it is on the skin and nails. While it eats away at your creams, glitters, and shimmers it is also dehydrating your nail plate and any skin it touches. Ashy cuticles, nails, and skin can ruin a good manicure.

images courtesy of Cosmetic Sanctuary 

Thankfully, our favorite makers have come up with a solution: acetone additive!

What IS Acteone Additive? 

Acetone additive is a moisturizing concoction of glycerin, oils, and scents that soothe and protect us from the super-charged magic that is pure acetone nail polish remover. But it can be a little confusing to use if it is new to you.

Step One: Shake it up

Usually when you get your new bottle of acetone additive, you will see two layers of a good salad dressing or a waterproof makeup remover. 

Before using, you want to give this mix a good shade and emulsify it completely. You’ll know when it’s done because it will be all one (generally opaque) color.

Step Two: add to pure acetone

Next step is super easy, though you might want to do it over a sink or trash can. Carefully unscrew the cap to your acetone additive and to your bottle of acetone and set them somewhere safe. (I generally use junk mail to protect my surfaces.) Pour your acetone additive into the bottle of acetone.

I like to do 0.5oz of acetone additive to 8oz of acetone. For me, it is just the right balance of hydration and power. But experiment! You might like more or less hydration.

Step Three: Shake Gently

Screw the cap back on your acetone and shake/swirl gently to mix it up.

Step Four: apply to cotton

Saturate a cotton ball or felt pad and use as normal.

Step Five: Enjoy fabulous nails

Marvel and your beautifully hydrated nails and fingers. Enjoy your chosen fragrance and force everyone to smell your hands.


This month, we have one additive in the shop: Baroness X Acetone Antidote in the scent ‘Violet Sweets’.


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And if acetone isn’t your speed, try the new Rogue Lacquer soy-based remover in a Skittles-inspired scent!