Important Shipping Update | Please Read

Important Shipping Update | Please Read

August 13, 2021

After nearly five years, we are very sad to announce that we have to increase our famous $3 shipping fee. There have been five pricing increases since we first launched, and while we were able to reorganize in the background for a while...the time has come for an increase.

New Rates

(effective starting the September shipping period)

  • packages weighing 0.0oz - 7.0oz will still be $3. Think of this as about three polishes. For most folks, this means that shipping will be just the same as it always has been. If you like to grab just a few polishes or items over the weekend, then you'll continue to pay the same $3.
  • packages weighing 7.1oz + will now ship for $5.
  • at this time, no other shipping rates will change.



  • How does this apply to combined orders? Don't worry, fellow chain-shoppers! This change applies to the total weight of all the orders you place over the weekend. So if you grab a polish and top coat on Friday, you can still go back and grab the waterslide decals on Monday and still stay under the $3 weight class.
  • Will I still get my shipping refunds? Yes, absolutely! No matter what insanity the USPS engages in we are 100% committed to keeping the combined shipping x refunds concept.
  • How will refunds work? Basically the same as they always have.
    • If you make three purchases over the weekend, each over 7.1oz, then you will see a $10 refund later in the month.
    • If you place three 4oz orders over the weekend, your final shipping total will be $5. You can expect a $4 refund coming your way soon.


We don't take this decision lightly, and we know you will all be understanding and supportive. Our PPU community has blossomed into one of the very best in the Indieverse. If you have any questions about the new shipping rates, please don't hesitate to reach out to