May 10, 2023

This "contest" is fast becoming the best part of every month. We love and adore seeing what real folks create with the beautiful polishes from past themes. Every month, our community puts out more and more creativity and we are definitely here for it. Check out what Junk Food brought out!


Alyson B

Chocolate chip macarons using Vibrant Vinyls Dole Whip at Disney base & top coats


Amina R

Lost in 5 by Sweet and Sour Lacquer!


Andrea S

He Slimed Me! and Fruit Slices, Yummy Yummy for my tribute to Hi-C Ecto Cooler and citrus candy.


Annie M
Candy is my favorite! Used BKL's Better Than No Heart At All from February 2023 as my base.


Beatrice L

Based loosely on candy, this one uses Peace from DRK Nails.


Carolyn S

Cool Ranch Doritos mani brought to you by Night Owl Lacquer-Kind of a Big Wheel and Polished For Days-In Bloom


Connie C

My very sad attempt at representing sour cream and onion chips, which is one of my fave junk foods. My smallest nail brush couldn’t do thinner lines. Oh well 😂 I used Garden Path Lacquer’s The Sound of her Wings for the base and a green Essie creme for the green herb accent.


Danielle B

Live Fast Eat Trash 🦝 Featuring Sweet and Sour Lacquer I Like It When the Red Water Comes Out


Faith S

I used kbshimmer's say it ain't cilantro. The idea was a candy bar with the different shades and textures


Hanna O

My favorite junk food is ice cream 🍦 so I used Ophidia from Ethereal lacquer, Free to flutterby from Hit the bottle and the Candy Land plate from Apipila

Jean E
Whatcha Espresso Coffee 5/21 & Wildflower Lacquer Angel 10/22. Coffee flavored ice cream or candy!


Jessica S

Novice here, but it was fun all the same! 🙂
To represent sharing some choc chip ice cream with a TON of whipped cream with my 2 kiddos…a “spoon” for each of us and only two bites of ice cream on middle and ring fingers…
used Danglefoot | There is no spoon;
Zombie Claw | Hasta La Vista, Baby!; &
Twisting Nether Lacquer | Ladies Don’t Start Fights, They Finish Them—all from PPU Feb ‘23!


Joanna L

This is kind of a loose interpretation but one of my favorite “junk foods” would be what you can buy at a food truck at the fair! Here’s my mani of a carnival/fair using Kathleen & Co Sunset After Storm from last month!


Julie B

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this month’s themed mani! Used Dam’s It’s So Fluffy!


Kaylee Y

Inspired by strawberry shortcake ice cream bars! I used phoenix’s nebula chain from January 2023 :))


Kitty L

Anchor & heart 5 second rule. The ice cream cone stamp is not standing up to the dark base. 🙁


Laurel S

Chocolate covered strawberries are always such a treat! BKL Perchta (11/22), Sunrise Sunset; Wildflower Perhaps a Christmas Gourd (11/22); Hit the Bottle Chromeo, Feeling Fruity Stamping Plate (6/22)


Our winner this month
Linsey H 
I used Emily de Molly- Haunting Your Own House. I have a huge sweet tooth so I love cakes, ice cream, anything sweet!


Liz R

Fair Maiden in Tajin Queen


Lora A

...I used Nail Hoot “Cookies N Cream” Feb 2019 Duos and Pairs


Maria Jose Q

I had to go for one of my favorite Mexican candy! Pulparindo
I had so much fun with this mani
PPU items: Dew nail polish - Mushu and Apipila - Tasty plate


Nicole A

I wanted to do just sweet stuff because that's my absolute favorite snack haha but my husband really reeeaaally loves pizza so I did both because why not.
I used:
- Sweet and Sour Lacquer- I'm only happy when it rains (Mar, 23)
Zombie Claw - Hasta la vista baby (Feb, 23)
- Cuticula - LQDTC in Gummy Bears (Mar, 23)


Rachel D

Inspired by salt water taffy being pulled, here's my mani using Moon Shine Mani's Star Baker from January 22's Spices and Condiments theme 😊


Sarah L

It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time…. in a cupcake! Got this Lemming Lacquer from the Candy Land theme back in 2020. Still one of my favorite browns

Si Y

Sliding in with a mani inspired by Trader Joe’s Ube Joe-Joe’s. I used Kathleen&co Sunset After Storm.