Our Stance on Inclusivity

Our Stance on Inclusivity

October 15, 2020
With recent discussions on social media, please know that our silence is not ignorance. We want to make sure that we have fully gathered our thoughts and correct information. The Polish Pickup team has been giving this a lot of thought. We didn't want to make an off-the-cuff statement that might be construed as dismissive or placating. 

Let's start with the most important statement: Polish Pickup stands with our BIPOC/LGBT+ family. That will never change. It has become more and more evident that quietly supporting the fundamental rights of all people is not enough. So we are taking a stand against oppression, repression, and hate. Once and for all.

Polish Pickup, and by extension any brand that chooses to collaborate with us, stands with BIPOC/LGBT+. This is a non-negotiable stance that we, in error, thought went without saying. Basic human rights are not a political position. They are not a "difference of opinion". Everyone deserves to be happy, safe, and free to live and love as their heart dictates. We have never tolerated hate speech, illegal behavior, or violence.

By supporting Polish Pickup, you as customers are supporting a diverse group of artisans and creatives. Our family now spans the globe, and our makers come from beautifully diverse and varied backgrounds. Your support also allows the PPU family to continue to support various charities around the world. We have always strived to give back to our communities, and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come. It is one of the founding principles of our organization, and what we hope draws people to our community.

Steering this ship is a huge task. Over the years, we have watched this community grow and prosper. The world we live in now is not the same one that we started out in, and we continue to learn and strive to do better. We appreciate everyone who spoke up and helped us get back to the path on which we belong. With our large presence in the Indieverse comes the responsibility to support truth and justice, and we did not fully appreciate the weight of that responsibility. We do now. We do not discriminiate against any brand or maker on the basis of race, color, creed, economic status, political affiliation, identity, background, or nationality. Polish Pickup is an all-inclusive community where everyone is welcome. But going forward, we will remove any brand that is or has actively worked against any and all marginalized groups or persons. We do not want anyone who doesn't support and espouse our values.

We will be rolling out a code of conduct that supports the values stated here to all makers who currently are contracted as working with PPU and going forward.Thank you for your continued patience as support.