PPU Celebrates Five Years

PPU Celebrates Five Years

March 27, 2022

Back in early 2017, fueled by candy and caffeine, two women came up with an idea that revolutionized the Indieverse. A one-stop-shop where folk could choose a theme each month and purchase the unique creations that different brands were inspired to create. Thus PPU was born, and it took the Indieverse by storm. The enthusiasm the community showed for this concept breathed new life into the Indie Polish Universe.

Initially, there were 18 brands involved in PPU. Over the years, some brands have closed down or become unavailable for a myriad of reasons. Five years is a long time on the internet, after all. But we still have quite the collection of brands that are still producing beautiful and innovative shades, and we have invited them to recreate their initial offerings to celebrate our fifth birthday.

The very first theme, chosen by our caffeinated Captains, was Famous Works of Art. It was such a beautiful way to start something this magical, and some of the initial polishes are still among my very favorites to this day.

A few brands have decided to participate in a revamp, and you can check those out here. Like regular PPU, they are a pre-order. This might be the last chance to ever grab these shades! 

And now, for some nostalgia! 

Northern Star Scream of Nature (2017)


Fair Maiden Metamorphosis (2017)


Lollipop Posse (now Garden Path Lacquers) Good Morning, Lollipop (2017)


There are a lot more swatches out there, but I have only included the ones I have explicit permission to use. However, I did find some old blog posts. 

I scoured the internet (well, 10+ pages of Google search) to find some blog posts featuring the original polishes from April 2017 and have collected there here for your nostalgic enjoyment.

When we were smaller, we even had a designated "Blogger of the Month". It was a handy way to see all the polishes with the same lighting/camera/application/etc. Our very own Manna Berg was the first BotM, and if you want to enjoy some sweet sweet nostalgia you should check out THIS POST