Polish Pickup UK Closes

Polish Pickup UK Closes

October 11, 2022

Polish Pickup and Annette of Polish PIckup UK have sad news to share with you all today: PPU-UK is closing. It has been a glorious four years, but we have reached the mutual decision to reunite the shops into one central, US based, shopping experience.


This doesn't mean that our UK friends are going to be cut off from PPU and all the fun. We will still be offering affordable international shipping options for our friends across the pond! PPU recommends the FedEx option as it seems to be generally the safest, quickest and most affordable option. 


All October sales orders will be processed as normal.  Starting with the November sale, we invite our UK customers to shop with us on polishpickup.com.


We know you have a ton of questions and concerns. We will do our best to answer and address them all as we transition to a single shop once again.


Lastly, we want to express our sincere admiration, respect, and gratitude to Annette and her team. We couldn't have done this without them.