Spices & Condiments Q&A with PPU

Spices & Condiments Q&A with PPU

December 19, 2021

Everyone has a favorite spice or condiment. Some little thing that completes nearly every meal, evokes a cozy memory, or just plain makes us happy. We polled our brand owners and staff to find out their favorites, and this is what they had to say!



Adrienne of Fair Maiden/PPU: Just one??? Nutmeg, it brings an instant comfort to food. I especially enjoy it in savory dishes.


Alicia of Leesha's Lacquer: My favorite spice is paprika! Not only do I LOVE spicy things, I had a bunny named Paprika (she was grey so like..what?). Paprika (the rabbit AND the spice) is the best!


Angie of Dam Nail Polish: Garlic salt because you can put it on anything to make it taste amazing.


Bianca of Red Eyed Lacquer: Trader Joe’s/Aldi everything but the elote seasoning! So good on roasted broccoli, mashed potatoes, corn, shrimp, etc. loveeeee it!


Bonny of Bonparsco: My favorite condiment is Honey Mustard sauce! I love it because it's so versatile! It's great on burgers, hot dogs, chicken and french fries. I even love honey/mustard dressing for my salads! Yummy!


Brittany of R&P Jewelry: Ketchup! I don’t know why it’s my favorite, but I absolutely believe it should be it’s own food group! I always have to have a full bottle of ketchup in my house. It might come from my love of French fries, but I don’t like fries unless I have ketchup to dip them in!


Carrie of Sassy Sauce PolishMayo- I love mayo!!! You can use it for cakes, sauces, chicken.... It's so versatile and tastes great!!!!! I am a Helmen's girl!!!!


Candace of Crystal Knockout : Ketchup. When I was growing up, I would dip my potato chips in it and it drove my mom crazy!


Cassie of Bygone Apothecary: Cholula - it’s so versatile, and flavorful instead of just SPICY like some hot sauces. I went to college in Arizona and got accustomed to seeing it on every table at every restaurant.


Christy of KBShimmer: Black Pepper! That is about the level of spice I can handle, lol.


Daniela of By Dany Vianna: For savory [definitely] garlic and onion. The aroma is always yummy 


Jacqueline of Restored by Polish/Restored NaturallyPepper, the spicier the better! Life it too short to eat bland food!


Janet of MJ LacquerRed Onions, because they spice up everything from greens to sandwiches


Jenalyn of LynBDesigns: It’s tough to narrow it down, but I think my top three are cinnamon, garlic (in any form), and black pepper. Like the Grinch I have garlic in my soul, but in a good way. If a dish calls for garlic I add at least twice as much. As for cinnamon it’s just the best. I add cinnamon to so many things. Black pepper is my favorite ‘spicy’ thing. I don’t love spicy hot foods, but black pepper adds the perfect spices factor for me.


Jessica of Off the Hook Creations by Jessica: Penzey’s roasted garlic powder, it adds such a nice mild sweeter garlic flavor


Katia of DRK Nails: Cilantro. Because it makes my Mexican and Thai food just perfect.


Lisa of Cosmetic Sanctuary: Its a spicemix from Spiceology that Nick bought called Black & Bleu.


Mabel of Dew Nail PolishMoringa. It is a superfood. I love the earthy and subtle taste. You can put it in smoothies, teas, grits or ice cream. I sometimes add it to milk and honey and drink it warm


Madeleine of Cadillacquer: Aromat is my favorite. It’s a condiment mix from Switzerland which you can put on everything. It’s SO good, I also take it with me when I travel.


Manna Berg of PPU: Ranch it up!


Nichole of The Crafty Taco: Garam Masala is my favorite spice. It smells like home and holidays. It reminds me of family. 


Pam H. of Girly Bits: A single seasoning? Yikes. Umm maybe Curry, or Cilantro? Because their flavour is so distinct, and it enhances everything.


Pam R. of STELLA CHROMA: Garlic! It’s so delicious. There can never be too much of it.


Patricia of Indie by Patty Lopes: [Turmeric], because I love the taste, color and in addition to bringing many health benefits.


Rebecca of Alchemy Lacquers: Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce. My husband is Mexican so we eat a lot of Mexican food and we’ve gone through so many hot sauces over our 13 years of marriage, but this one is by far the best. It’s carrot based and very hot, but adds a good level of heat to whatever it is added to without compromising the flavor of the original dish.


Samantha of Cuter Cuticles: Corn Relish! It's sweet and tangy and just the right amount of surprise for your burger.


Tanya of My Indie Polish: Kimchi. I just love it. I put it on baked potatoes I put it in my salad I have even been known to put it on spaghetti


Trisha of The Polished Mage: Condiment: Mayo. I use it for EVERYTHING. Spice: cracked pepper. It's classic, simple and an easy pleaser.


Vanessa of By Vanessa Molinagarlic , garlic and garlic I love



What is your favorite food enhancer? Looks like glorious garlic, in all it's many forms, is the clear winner of PPU Popularity contest!