The PPU Family Supports WIRES

In September 2019, fires began to rage in the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales. The world watched in horror as lives, homes, and wildlife were devasted by natural and man-made catastrophe. Wildlife rescue organizations were inundated and overwhelmed with severly injured and orphaned animals and our collective hearts broke. We began to wonder what we could do to help from so far away.
Polish Pickup has a history of supporting worthy charities. We often host overstock/mystery sales, and a few polish conventions, with all the proceeds going to charity. To date, we have raised over $5000USD. All with your help. The polish community is often a selfless group, but with our latest charity fundraiser we managed to blow all our previous efforts out of the park!
We chose WIRES, which is an Australian rescue group that focuses on native wild animals.  They offer rehabilitation, education, community outreach, and childrens activities. It felt like the best fit, and one that would ensure the most impact from our donation.
Not only did we offer the overstock that is purchased as back-up, but our makers offered up hundreds of polish and non-polish items. It was amazing to witness the generosity. There aren't even any words to describe the community response. Everything sold out within the hour and we were able to make a massive donation: over $5000USD
This event was a resounding success, thanks to every single person reading this. Even if you missed the sale, just your continued support of PPU and our Maker Family enables us to continue to support a variety of charities throughout the year.
If you haven't already, join the Facebook Pack so that you can keep up with all of our upcoming events. Maybe you can even help us choose our next charity.