Monthly Manicure Giveaway | April Results

Monthly Manicure Giveaway | April Results

Monthly Manicure Giveaway | April Results

Another month in our rear view mirrors, can you believe it? And true to form, the flower inspired manicures this month just blew our minds. Shimmer, sparkle, and stamping...oh my!

Congrats to our winner, Vicky M! 


Abby M

Featuring Lumen Diamond Tide


Alyson B

Nailed It No Way Rose & Kathleen & Co Winter's Dusk


Amina R

Wildflower Lacquer - Carnival Sass


Annie M

Did some flower stamping over Polished For Days' Princess Of Genovia.


Bevin B

I used Cuticula Limitless top coat in the Pink Gumdrops scent.


Cici N

Moon Shine Mani Take Nothing for Granite


Connie C

BKL “Better Than No Heart At All” + a nail sticker 


Connie K

DRK PuriFire and some floral stamping.


Danielle H

I used Fair Maiden Camp Crystal Lake for this flower power Mani and I love it 💗 I also used vibrant Vinyls double bond base coat and Top Coat.


Jess B

used 1442 christmas break road trip and nailed it we're only human


Julia Rose B

Sweet & Sour Lacquer- What are You Doing in My Swamp and Phoenix-The Mark You Have Left on Me is Indelible.


Kit T

I have used base and top coat by Vibrant Vinyls (now Vibrant Scents) both in the scent hot cocoa & cream from 12/22 PPU


Laura S

Vibrant Vinyls Double Bond in To Be Merry (11/22), Kathleen & Co Sincerely Yours, the Breakfast Club (2/23), EDK Mosaic 3 (1/23)


Liz D

I used two PPU polishes: Dany Vianna’s Prugly Metallic, and Pi color’s Light/forest. Two stunners that happen to complement each other.
My take on flowers is weeds. I wasn’t in a particularly bright colorful mood so these are kind of the (floral) weeds in my mind (and garden) at the moment


Lora A

Zombie Claw “Riding The Morning Glory” I believe from April 2019


Nicole A

I used: Hold my poodle, Watcha Indie Polish PPU Feb23
Hasta la vista, baby! Zombie Claw PPU Feb23


Sahra W

So I realized the base color was actually from HHC (Nailed It Shell Smash) but the colors I used to stamp are Hit the Bottle Bendless Love (Oct 22) and Baubles Deep (Nov 22) also used was the Cuticula Champagne Toast Base Coat (I love that scent so much and I wish I had it in a top coat as well).

Sarah L

Some simple flower stickers and Cuticula, That’s a Wrap


Si Y

I used Wildflower Lacquer Squishy on my index, pinky and the flower petals.


Tana B

I've always loved this quote from Mulan: "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."
Base is Girly Bits (paid PR) "Snowdrop", coming to April's Flower Power themed PPU.


Vicky M

Glisten and Glow: On Thin Ice
To me spring flowers bring the bees out