Monthly Manicure Giveaway | January's Results

Monthly Manicure Giveaway | January's Results

January 6, 2023

We mentioned at the beginning of "the month" that we were going to start celebrating the art in our community more with some fun giveaways. We just finished our very first one, and it was pretty amazing! Let's check out the entries!

Let's go in alphabetical order because it really is the best order.

Andrea W. 

I had my first successful stamping effort this week and I love it!
Colors: ‘Lake Superior Shenanigans’ from Great Lakes Lacquer for the base (PPU 11/22); ‘Perhaps a Christmas Gourd’ from Wildflower Lacquer‘ for the heart (PPU 11/22); ‘Harlequin’ from Maniology for the stamping of art from plate M168.

Annie M

"Not necessarily mythology related, but definitely Greek culture related! Used BKL Until It Is Done (Rewind July 2022) and Whatcha Phenomena In The Air (August 2021) as the accent."

Beth W

I used Lacquer is in the Air “Fish Ponies” from August 2022 and used stamping plate from Lantern & Wren “Where You Lead I Will Follow” from March 2022 polish pickup

Courtney M

"Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin' ?"
Had to go with one of my favorite (Greek) Disney villains for this inspiration! Blue flames created with Phoenix's Poppies? BLUE POPPIES over Cirque Memento Mori

Danielle H-B

This is so fun!! My submission is Narcissus gazing into a pond and falling in love with his reflection. Ppu products are Vibrant Vinyls Double Bond base coat and base color Dreamland Lacquer Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator (both from Oct22). I'm in love with this polish. I'll be stalking around for a backup bottle

Erin BW

I haven't managed to do my own nails yet, but my nugget wanted a manicure. 🥰 We've been reading the D'aulaires book of Greek myths and just read Medusa, where she was described as having bronze scales growing down her neck.
PPU March 22, Grandpa's Garden by Envy Lacquer. Some bronze flakies, and Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard top coat.

Irma R

I used Patty Lopes - My Little Place (Nov 22 PPU) for my mani. It’s inspired by Artemis, goddess of the hunt. I also used HTB’s Mystic Charm stamping plate and Lantern and Wren’s Layers of Nature stamping plate (I think I got it from PPU?). I also used GLL’s Lake Superior Shenanigans for the moon.

Katja MPJ

Here’s mine:
Hades, the King of the Underworld and God of the dead.
used Great Lakes Lacquer: The Deadlights from PPU September 2020.

Laurel S

Base polish- BKL Perchta PPU Nov '22; Index- Lightning for Zeus (HtB Spun Gold); Middle- Grapes for Dionysus (BKL As Above So Below & HtB Slitherin Serpentine PPU Jan '21); Ring- Laurel Wreath (HtB Slitherin Serpentine PPU Jan '21); Pinky- Red thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus so he could find his way out of the Minotaur's labyrinth (WFL Perhaps a Christmas Gourd PPU Nov '22)

Liz R


Polished Opinions

Inspired by the Goddess Athena. 💛 I used Saki Cosmetics Beige Aesthetics from December 2022’s, PPU. 💚

Sarah Lassey

Inspired by Icarus and his melting wings. Stamping polish is Hit the Bottle ‘Colliding of the Realms’ from Sept 2020 PPU

Shauna S

A very refreshing manicure after a month of dark holiday colors. It makes me think of bright pink bougainvillea that grow all over Greece. I'm in love 😍! Featuring Dec. 22 PPU, Penelope Luz - A Rose for You and Nov. 22 PPU, R&P Jewelry - Gold Fill Hammered Ring.

Siying X

I was inspired by the Exekias Achilles and Ajax amphora and tried to imitate the colors and motif at the top. I used Poetry Cowgirl I Left My Heart in Arizona and Black Dahlia Lacquer Peel off base coat.

And our lucky winner Kit T! 

Here is my manicure. It's inspired by Medusa and the PPU polish I used for this is Towards The Light by Polished for Days (from PPU 9/2022)

All of us at PPU were blown away by the skill our community displayed this month. I can only imagine that things will get better from here...and I can't wait! 

Stay tuned to the PPU Blog for next month's contest!