FAQ & Policies


Customer service: polishpickup@gmail.com
For questions or feedback NOT related to customer service: ppuowners@gmail.com

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What is Polish Pickup?
Beginning in April of 2017, Polish Pickup is a fresh new take on indie nail polish, cosmetics, vendor wax, and hand-crafted items. We started as a venue where handmade nail polish makers could come together and create beautiful things inspired by group-chosen themes. Over time, we grew to include bath and body products, wax, jewelry, and more. PPU is a one-stop-shop for all your hand-made needs.


When is the shop open?
The first Friday - Monday each month.

What time does the shop open and close?
Opens at 11AM Eastern on Friday, closes at 11:59PM Eastern on Monday.

Use this website to find the correct time for your country. Set the Eastern (EST/EDT) option to 11am and add your location.

Can I place multiple orders, and will they be combined? 

US and Canadian flat rate orders that have the same shipping address and email will be combined, and extra shipping charges will be refunded. You do not have to email us, we will do this automatically. 

Why was I charged taxes?
If you are seeing a sales tax charge, it means we hit the minimum sales requirement in your state and are abiding by state sales tax law. Each state will be different.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund? 
Because of the nature of Polish Pickup and it's pre-order style, all sales are final. Refunds can be issued ONLY during the 4 day sale period, and not after. Damaged or incorrect orders will be refunded any time.

Why was my order cancelled?
Orders somehow placed after the site goes down at 12:01am eastern on the final day will be cancelled. We can not accommodate any orders after the shop is closed for the month.

Also orders placed on Thursdays before the shop opens on Friday.

Neither of these scenarios pertain to 'basic essentials' or gift cards.

Polish Pickup Basic Essentials Shop
Essentials are offered during PPU's "down time" each month. Once the pre-order has closed for the month, the Polish Pickup Basic Essentials shop opens. Essential orders are NOT be combined with monthly PPU pre-orders. Shipping will typically take place within 1-3 days.


How much is shipping?

Domestic orders: 

Weight: 0.0 - 7.0 oz $3 (this will be 3 nail polishes)

Weight: 7.1 oz and up will now be $5 

More info can be found HERE: https://polishpickup.com/blogs/polish-pickup-news-information/important-shipping-update-please-read


📦 $6 flat rate orders will ship box protected via UPS Innovations.

✈️📦 Fed Ex 2-Day Flat Rate will ship in a bubble mailer.  The fee is $7.50 for orders weighing 1-31oz (up to 14 polishes), and $9.50 for orders weighing 32-80oz (up to 38 polishes).

🚛 UPS ground will ship either bubble mailer or box based on the size of your order

Canadian shipping is affordably tiered:

*Item weights will be included in the listing for planning purposes, but please note, the packaging also retains a small weight value.


I'm international, where can I place an order?
For the ease of shipping and affordability, we have a sister site for the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. If your country is not listed on the image below, we may not offer shipping to your country at this time. If you choose to order from the main US site, European countries we ship FedEx ONLY. Please send an email to polishpickupuk@gmail.com if you need further assistance.

I'm international, why haven't I received my order yet? 
If you are international, it may take up to 60 days for your package to arrive. If it hasn't arrived by then, we will either refund the order or resend what we can.  Due to excessive delays surrounding the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently asking international customers wait up to 90 days from date of shipment for your order to arrive.


When can I add things to my wishlist?

The shop opens for wishlisting & preview on the Sunday before the sale. No set time.

When can I pre-load my cart?
Inventory will be stocked Thursday before the sale. No set time. You may then add your wishlist to your cart for easier checkout on shop day. 

When & how do we submit theme suggestions?

The week before the shop opens you can submit 3 suggestions HERE

How do we vote on themes?
You will need to join the Polish Pickup Pack on Facebook to vote. The poll will be posted in the group during the sale each month.  

Why isn't my wishlist working?
The Wishlist, as much as we love it, can be a finicky beast. Sometimes it works flawlessly...and sometimes it doesn't. To ensure that your choices are saved, confirm that you are logged into your account on the website so that your wishlist will be saved for later use across all your devices. We also recommend a backup method (like a notepad, text file, or screenshot) to save you searching should your wishlist fail.

What does "pre-order" mean, and when will I receive my order?
Polish Pickup operates as a "pre-order" shop. This means that almost every item you purchase during the sale is made to order just for you. When the shop closes, brands send their items sold to PPU headquarters, where they will pack up your orders and ship them off to you. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for you to receive your order. Canadian and international customers will have a longer shipping and processing time.

I'm a domestic customer and my order was scanned as delivered, but it's not here! 
This frequently happens. We find that the vast majority of the time, the order arrives within a week of this occurrence. If your order does not surface within one week of shown delivery date, please contact Polish Pickup Customer Service.


Who do I contact about my order? 
Email polishpickup@gmail.com or use the contact form on this site.

Who do I contact about the quality of a product I ordered?
Email polishpickup@gmail.com and we can forward your information along to the brand. We are not responsible for individual products, but we do our best to only invite brands that produce the highest quality items who are as committed to excellent customer service as we are.

How long does it take to get a response back from customer service?
Please allow up to 3 business days (Monday-Friday) for a response. Wait times may be longer during holidays. If you haven't received a response in the allotted time, email again as some things go to our "spam" folder and it may have been missed. 

I have concerns about a brand that you work with. Who do I contact?
Email report@polishpickup.com with information and proof, if applicable. The reporting party's identity will never be made public. Please allow up to 3 business days (Monday-Friday) for a response.

I have a handmade brand and would like to participate in Polish Pickup, who I do contact?
If you run and maintain a reputable online “indie” or handmade shop that has been operational for at least one year, please send an email to polishpickup@gmail.com with your contact info and links. 


Damaged/Defective Items
If your order arrives with a damaged or defective item, please email us at polishpickup@gmail.com with pictures and your order number. If we have any remaining inventory, we will replace it. Otherwise, you will be given a full refund for the damaged product.

Missing/Incorrect Items
Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. If you are missing an item we will mail it out to you if we have remaining inventory. If we are unable to fulfill your missing item, we will issue a refund.
Due to the nature of PPU, in the event that you are sent an incorrect item we may ask that you send it back to PPU HQ. We will send a pre paid envelope for your convenience.

Flat Rate Shipping
In most cases, the $3 shipping option will ship UPS Mail Innovations. This is a high volume parcel service that assists in transitioning packages to the recipients local Post Office. While most packages are received in 5-7 days, delays are not uncommon.

When flat rate shipping is chosen we are unable to investigate and/or replace/refund an order until the last day of the following month of a sale. Once the package leaves our facility, it can be tracked on ups.com, and once it reaches USPS, on usps.com. Tracking on either of these sites is not always reliable and not always a good indicator that your package is still on the way.

Typically, packages eventually show up, however due to extreme delays it can be as long as 6 weeks. We ask for patience in the event that you think your package is lost. Customers looking for a service with more dependable tracking and quicker arrival times should consider using our Fed Ex Flat Rate or UPS Ground options. 

Please remember that colors can appear differently depending on computer screen calibrations and phone settings (ie: blue light filters.) Brands do their best to ensure pictures are as accurate as possible. It's important to read product descriptions and look at as many pictures as possible. Each nail polish batch is made by hand, so slight variances may occur. In the event that you are unhappy with the color of a polish you receive (and it's not a known batch issue that's affected many) we ask that you send the product back at your expense for a full refund.  Another option is to list your polish for sale in our PPU BST group on Facebook.

Out of Stock/Packages never received from brands
PPU works with brands from all over the world! Unfortunately, that means that sometimes packages from other countries get seized, lost in transit, or are extremely delayed. When these situations occur, we are left with no other choice other than to refund you for the product. We will send an email alerting those affected of this; we email the address given when you placed an order. Be sure to check your spam folder. Items may sometimes (not always) be added to future shops for purchase if the brands package does arrive to PPU HQ. We will try our best to make sure those affected get 'first dibs' if the polish becomes available.

*FAQ last updated 8/24/21. Things subject to change at PPU's discretion.