Our online community was established to bring fans and creatives together in a fun and inclusive environment. In keeping with our core values of excellent customer service, unique offerings, and an all-inclusive presence in the Indieverse we have crafted this Code of Conduct (CoC). We believe that this community influenced document will uphold and strengthen our inclusive practices and ensure a diverse, safe environment for our customers and creative brands while allowing us all to learn, grow, and embrace change.

Vendor Rights and Responsibilities
As a participating vendor in our community, you will be expected to adhere to our guidelines and be responsible for all activities and content you share. As a participating vendor of our community, you are responsible for adhering to all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

The Following Will Not Be Tolerated.
This list is subject to modification with or without notice.
Providing or creating links to external sites that may violate or appear to violate this CoC.
Any content that supports or appears to support violence, vulgarity harassment, hatred, oppression, bigotry, racism, sexism, or obscenity.
Any behavior that can be interpreted as threatening, stalking, defamatory, or libelous online or in person.
Any behavior or content that can be interpreted as degrading, intimidating or defaming any person or persons on the basis of ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, or sexual orientation.
This includes any and all persons who identify as or belong to any other minority, marginalized group or any other people distinguished from the majority not otherwise mentioned in the interest of inclusivity.
Any behavior that could be considered spam, junk mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or unsolicited commercial marketing or advertisement.
Any behavior that damages the reputation of Polish Pickup within the online community.
Participant Agreement
If determined to be in violation of our CoC, you may be removed from the Polish Pickup platform and all associated social media groups and accounts. Penalties include, but are not limited to: relationship termination, banning from community groups, removal of all content and posts, and termination of the Seller Agreement without notice.

Polish Pickup is not responsible for the content of any user-created posting, listing, message, or content. The decision to view content or engage with other members of our community is yours alone. We advise you to use your best judgement and behave in a way that represents your brand and PPU in the best possible light.

Polish Pickup reserves the right to amend or change this CoC, or any service, at any time with or without notice. We encourage you to periodically review these guidelines to ensure that you are in full compliance. This is our community. It is our responsibility as members to keep it strong, vibrant, and welcoming to everyone. If you see something that appears to be contrary to our ideals or violates our CoC, please report it for further review.
Original Publish Date: 1/6/2021
Revised: 12/7/2021