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Swatcher Spotlight: Vanessa / mockingjay_manis

Get to know Vanessa!

Polish Pickup's 2021 Code of Conduct

read our updated code here.

Swatcher Spotlight: Vee / Your.Girl.Vee

Get to know Vee!

January 2021: Thermal Polish Shopping List

Do you love a good thermal polish? It is like having three (or more!) polishes in one bottle!

ViaBill: A New Interest-Free Way to Pay

Polish Pickup is excited to offer a new payment option! Viabill! 

Where to Find Mysteries and Overstocks

Did you miss out on a polish or handmade item and regret it? Or do you just love a good surprise? Check out this list of our favorite brands that o...

Acronyms of the Indieverse

Ever wondered what that word salad means? Check out this community driven glossary of commonly used acronyms!

Our Stance on Inclusivity

With recent discussions on social media, please know that our silence is not ignorance. We want to make sure that we have fully gathered our though...

Polish Finishes 101: The Classics

Whether you're a newbie or an OG, all the different finishes featured on PPU can be confusing. But we have you covered!

Shipping FAQ: Upgrades, Changes, and More

Starting October 2, 2020 there will be fresh new options for your PPU order.

Shopping List | Fall Vibes for October 2020

A shopping list for all my Fall-loving friends!

October 2020's Multichrome Magic

This month, we have some really amazing options for the multichrome lover!