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Looking Forward to 2022

Spices & Condiments Q&A with PPU

We polled our brand owners and staff to find out their favorites, and this is what they had to say!

Swatcher Spotlight: Nichole / Bedlam Beauty

Get to know Nichole!

Swatcher Spotlight: Itti / GlamUpNailz

Get to know Itti!

Swatcher Spotlight: Natalia / naillution

Get to know Natalia!

Swatcher Spotlight: Jeremy / nonbinarynails

Get to know Jeremy!

Swatcher Spotlight: Diane / pinkchicanails

Get to know Diane!

Swatcher Spotlight: Stephanie / swatchesbysharms

Get to know Stephanie!

Free Monsters & Mythology Inspired Phone Wallpapers

Since the phone backgrounds were such a hit last month, we are back with three fresh options for you!    download the mermaid   download the coll...

Swatcher Spotlight: Toyia / a_painted_queen

Get to know Toyia!

Falloween 2021 Advent Events | Shop Directory

Do you love Advent calendars and think every holiday needs one? Us too! A few members of the PPU family have Falloween/Halloween Advents this year,...

Free Trick or Treat Inspired Phone Wallpapers

Celebrate the spookiest theme of the year with some festivity for your phone!